The monks of Nový Dvůr have been building their monastery since 1999 with the help of friends, religious communities and Christian organizations. Since their foundation in 2002, they have been living self-sufficiently from their work and have been able to support other religious communities, non-profits and people in need. They manage their buildings, restoring the church in Krasov and the parish in Nectines.

„So the disciples decided, within their means, to set something aside and to send relief to the brothers and sisters who were living in Judea.“

(Acts 11,29)

„I do not mean that others should be at easeand you burdened. Strive for equality; at present give from your abundance what the are short of, and in some way they also will give from their abundance what you lack. Then you will equal.“

(Druhý list Korintským 8, 13-14)

Abbey of Nový Dvůr
Dobrá Voda 20
364 01 Toužim
Czech Republic

Telephone exchange with answering machine:
T: +420 353 300 500

You can call between 8.30 and 11.50 am and between 2.30 and 4.30 pm, but please bear in mind that the monks may be in church or momentarily out of the office. If so, please leave a message or call again later.

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